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Shot of the Week: Childhood Memory

This was a great theme for this week. It was my Mom’s birthday on Friday and I was able to take some time off to go see her. We had a really great time with some other family (shout out to Dad and Wendy) and actually had some excellent conversations about the good ‘ole days. We laughed and cried and laughed some more, it was a much needed visit. I also had a small win at the casino*, so bonus!

*Disclaimer: Gambling is bad, kids. Go to the gym instead.

Shot of the Week: Childhood Memory

Three books on a table to signify reading in the car.
Reading in the Car; f5.6; 1/30

My childhood memory is reading in the car. We used to take trips from Ontario to Nova Scotia and, while my folks were brilliant and left at O’dark-thirty so I would sleep for most of it, I was able to get a solid chunk of reading done. Thinking about this week’s theme also made me realize that I don’t read near enough for pleasure anymore, and I plan to get back to it.

Bonus: Site Fixes

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What was your childhood memory?

Happy Shooting!




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