New Beginnings

Welcome, Internet!

I want to take the time to describe what Icicles in the Viewfinder is all about. This will most likely shift to a different page in the future, but for now…here’s the deal:

What this blog is

  • The product of a New Year’s resolution

    After Christmas this year, I spent an amazing 11 days (should have been 12 – thank you freezing rain) in sunny Australia. I ended up coming home with a decent amount of photos, but they were mostly last-minute “Oh, I guess I should get a picture of <insert landmark here>”. I’m hoping that by learning more about photography, thought process changes.

  • Accountability for said New Year’s resolution

    No explanation needed (unless you actually keep all of your resolutions, in which case good on’ya)

  • A space to consolidate resources for fledgling shutterbugs

    I am very much a point-and-shoot kind of operator. This blog will become my personal library of resources for the basics of photography (for now!) and I hope that it helps others along the way.

  • A space for veterans to revisit the basics

    Or share your experiences with the next generation. This community is for all those with an interest in photography, with a focus on beginners. All are welcome!

The plan


Resources and information, as well the theme for the Shot of the Week (SOTW).


Photos that either match Monday’s topic or that week’s theme (you can also find inspiration anytime on my pinterest page!).


Shots that I’ve taken that week, featuring my favourite (which will also match the theme set on Monday).

So there you have it.

I look forward to sharing this adventure with you. Follow me on Pinterest and Instagram… and subscribe to receive e-mail updates of my latest posts.

Happy shooting!

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