Inspiration – Childhood Memory

This week’s theme is “Childhood Memory”

This can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, and it was interesting to think of different ways to interpret this subject while I was looking for inspiration. It could be a “thing” that you’ve held onto forever, or an event that occurred. Memories are strongest when they’re associated with a sense: the scent of the ocean, the sound of a roaring fire, a vibrant hue, the rough fabric of an old leather coat, or even the taste of Grandma’s cookies (my Grandmothers always made the best sweets!).

And Then Inspiration Struck

I chose some very basic, very obvious representations of childhood memory (I drew a lot from my own experience – perhaps we had similar childhoods!). A number of these photos even have different aperture settings like we were talking about on Monday… fancy that. The featured image, the puppy, is an excellent example of shallow depth of field, whereas when you get to the teddy bear you’ll see it has more detail throughout. Did you notice the first time through?

Without Further Ado

Here’s your inspiration for this week.

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What is your favourite childhood memory? Try and snap a modern-day representation before Friday!

Happy Shooting!

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