Photography 101

Photography 101: Shutter Speed

Happy Monday! I’ve had quite the weekend, which you’re already caught up on from my (very late) Shot of the Week post. I’m hoping to have a more appropriately scheduled week and not leave everything to the last minute (as per the usual). Fingers crossed! Let’s get to it. Today we’re talking about shutter speed.… Continue reading Photography 101: Shutter Speed

Shot of the Week

Shot of the Week: Childhood Memory

This was a great theme for this week. It was my Mom’s birthday on Friday and I was able to take some time off to go see her. We had a really great time with some other family (shout out to Dad and Wendy) and actually had some excellent conversations about the good ‘ole days.… Continue reading Shot of the Week: Childhood Memory


The Grateful Golfer Infographics

The Grateful Golfer strives to share tips, drills and positive views about the fantastic sport of golf. When I can, I create infographics to visually demonstrate the subjects he talks about.


Inspiration – Childhood Memory

This week’s theme is “Childhood Memory” This can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, and it was interesting to think of different ways to interpret this subject while I was looking for inspiration. It could be a “thing” that you’ve held onto forever, or an event that occurred. Memories are strongest… Continue reading Inspiration – Childhood Memory

Photography 101

Photography 101: Adjusting the Aperture

Happy Monday! I went to my first lacrosse game ever on Saturday — I thought about bringing my camera, but wasn’t sure if it would even be worth it. Turns out, the tickets we had were spectacular and I could have absolutely taken some pictures! I’m not too sad though – I’ll be heading to… Continue reading Photography 101: Adjusting the Aperture

Shot of the Week

Shot of the Week: Something Blue

Since I bought my camera about… 2 days ago, there’s not much in this week’s gallery. But, here goes.


Inspiration – Something Blue!

This Week’s Theme is “Something Blue”. When I first started thinking about what I wanted to photograph, water and sky were the first things to pop into my head. However, a skyline isn’t quite specific enough (for me) to convey that the photo is of “something blue”, and a seascape is fantastic when it’s not… Continue reading Inspiration – Something Blue!

Photography 101

Photography 101: Let’s talk about lenses

Depending on your experience, this may or may not seem like a random subject to start with. Being a complete novice has it’s perks – you really just don’t know the rules that you’re breaking! My plan is to tackle topics that seem most interesting to me at the time, and this week… that topic… Continue reading Photography 101: Let’s talk about lenses


New Beginnings

Welcome, Internet! I want to take the time to describe what Icicles in the Viewfinder is all about. This will most likely shift to a different page in the future, but for now…here’s the deal: